About MPW

At MPW, we focus on what matters to YOU! This Company was designed to work with clients to develop personalized, cost-effective strategies to accumulate, preserve, and distribute wealth.

Client Centered

We are a fiduciary investment manager. The company operates as an independent, fee-based, registered investment advisor. MPW develops investment management plans and acts as an advisor for estate, tax, educational, and philanthropic planning. The company’s office is in Oklahoma City, OK. With over 25 years as an Advisor, Tracy Ann Miller founded her eponymous firm Miller Private Wealth in 2019.

Our Philosophy

Our founder's philosophy is that it is important to have a strong conviction about investing in American capital markets. With over 30 years of actively participating through all kinds of market environments, the success of our clients can attest to the value of investing. We work, we save and we put our money to work as good stewards of our financial future.

How We Do It

Our independent model and high ethical standards keep us focused on our clients’ goals as our top priority in all the investment decisions that we make. We actively manage individual stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and bonds in customized investment portfolios which provide greater flexibility, tax-efficiency, and lower expenses to our clients. Our investment management clients also receive financial advice on a wide range of areas. Risk management plays a key part in both the financial advisory and investment decisions. To reassure safety and stability, the investment assets are held by insured, third-party custodians.

Meet The PIG

There are a variety of symbols associated with wealth – bulls, oak trees, acorns to name a few.

But after further research, we wanted to go outside the box from these more well-known features. We wanted to shine light the pig as our symbol of prosperity, fertility and blessed fortune.

Everyone has heard of Wall Street, but did you know pigs are the reason for that name? During the 1600s, feral and domesticated pigs commonly destroyed farmers’ crops on Manhattan Island. To stop this, farmers erected a wall along the island, and the avenue along that wall later became known as Wall Street!

It dates back to farmers who kept pigs as a sure way of insuring your family’s well-being. As the old Irish saying goes; “The pig is the gentleman who pays the rent”.

The piggybank is a worldwide symbol of money. Feeding our piggybank with coins is an undisputable sign that we are caring for our financial future.

So we hope you enjoy our little fellow as he becomes part of this financial journey and a member of your family like he is to ours at Miller Private Wealth, LLC!

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